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HH Antiques - a must see store

June 26th, 2017

How does a brick-and-mortar store thrive in this day of online shopping? After all, it’s difficult to compete with shopping at home in your pajamas. But the delight of hunting through well-stocked rooms and searching hundreds of shelves for treasure is unequalled for some.

By visiting a store in person, you may come across a great find, or a piece from your childhood memories, which you might not find while shopping online. There may be a bowl or a tray just like Grandma's or another item you grew up with. You might still be trying to find your favorite ice-cream scoop, potato masher, or cast-iron skillet, or a smoking stand like Grandpa Mike’s, but all of those items don’t stay on your shopping list week after week.  

Many shoppers like to see and touch the objects they're seeking. Attractive displays and vignettes in each room are worth visiting. The rooms also provide ideas for enjoying your furniture and using your decorative pieces. Sparkling glass serving pieces on doilies and china on crisp linens adorn oak and walnut table tops. Customers keep returning to HH Antiques to see what's new!

Perusing antique stores is an exciting pastime and it should definitely be on your list of things to do! Antique malls are destinations worth seeing, no matter where you are. The largest malls feature rest areas and snack bars.

When purchasing antiques and collectibles, buying the best quality and condition is important and examining the item in person is a must!

There is also the “green” aspect of antiquing, recycling, and repurposing items. Antique stores are the original sustainable commerce, as they encourage hunting for treasure and reusing “old” things.

Walk around, look, touch, and see what’s waiting for you at HH Antiques.