2019 Collecting Trends for Antiquers & Collectors

From vintage Pyrex and Corning bakeware and storage containers to double edge safety razors, here’s what’s hot in collecting. Check out our list of top ten antiques and collectibles trends in the Toledo area and this part of the midwest.

1. Antique USA cast iron skillets and bakeware

Cast Iron Skillets made in USA

Due to the popularity of cooking shows and Food Network cast iron is hot. Griswold and Wagner are older manufacturers and better quality. Shoppers will look for smooth and seasoned surfaces.

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2. Large crocks in good condition

People continue to use crocks for pickles, sauerkraut, and storage. Crocks size No. 2 (two gallon) or larger are best.  Make sure they don’t have cracks. Tap them to hear if they sound solid. Any color or manufacturer. The most expensive ones usually have cobalt blue numbers or hand painted designs.

3. Vintage double edge safety razors

I’ve noticed young people collect double edge razors. Why? They are more durable than disposable razors. These razors reusable – double edge blades are still available. Several brand names are available and with Schick, Gillette, Wilkinson the most common. Some feature adjustable blade heights.

4. Primitive wood boxes and crates

Top selling crates have a city name, product name, or brand name–such as a wooden milk crate from a local dairy. The farmhouse style is hot, and vintage crates are great storage and accent pieces.

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5. Antique and older advertising signs

Soda, tobacco, gas & oil are the most popular advertising signs. You’ll see advertising as store signs, thermometers, or door push plates. They can be found in porcelain, metal, paper, and wood. Watch out for reproductions which are usually marked and dated.

6. Vintage neon signs

Multi-color neon signs are more valuable. Vintage neon signs often promote beer products. Any sign that has a figure or design is most desirable.

7. Antiques in original boxes, especially lures, toys, and medicine cabinet items

The older the better, but these items should be at least 1960s or earlier. These are popular props and decorations, such as an old 1950s box of ivory soap flakes for your laundry room, or old medicine bottles to decorate your bathroom.

8. Mid-century Fire King

Fire King dishes are good quality pieces that people are eager to use. Jadeite is hard to find, but it is the most desirable color. Vintage Fire King will be marked “Fire King” and “Made in USA”. Reproduction jadeite is not made in the USA.

9. Vintage Pyrex and Corning bakeware and storage containers

Pyrex in avocado green and gold patterns

Vintage Pyrex and Corning bakeware, storage containers, refrigerator storage containers, nesting and stacking mixing bowls are hot, hot, hot! Multiple patterns and colors from 1960s - 1990s are sought after. Some of the most popular styles are  the “Cornflower Blue” and “Spice of Life” patterns from Corning. Popular Pyrex patterns are Spring Blossom, Crazy Daisy, Wheat, Early American to name a few.

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10. Old Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola collectibles

These soda companies continue to be popular. The earlier the better—where the cola is only 5 cents. Chip trays and metal serving trays are popular items. Watch for reproductions! Most of the time the date is printed on the rim of a reproduction tray.