Holiday Traditions — A letter from Joyce, HH Antiques owner


Traditions make your gatherings with friends and family memorable. Families and friends celebrate with food, spirits, gift giving, Santa visits, caroling, Nutcracker ballet, movies, midnight Mass, Holy Wafers, progressive dinners, cards, holiday letters, gift exchange games, cookies, fruit cake, decorating, the pickle ornament, parades, parties, visiting, sight-seeing neighborhood lights... a smattering of the countless opportunities to enjoy "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Holiday decorations

I've been married for decades so our decorations are now vintage! I use a green foil angel tree topper I inherited from my childhood and there are familiar ornaments my home-for-holidays kids look for on our tree, like the paper deer cutout from kindergarten. My mom, Clare, loved Christmas and every year added a dated ornament to my collection. My sister collected holiday air freshener figures that her kids have to see on the windowsills.  

We seem to recharge and get fortified seeing the familiar treasures and sharing stories and fond memories of the past. I use recipes from my Central European Heritage and serving plates from my grandmother. We've updated our lights several times after 45 years, the led lights are amazing. But most things, I keep the same. There's comfort and stability in coming home.

Traditions can be simple

Traditions can be as easy as sugar cookies on the blue platter from Great Grandma or red finger jello served in the pink depression bowl. If you want to preserve heirlooms, use them!  Tell the story to the young ones and make the connection.

At HH Antiques I am proud to part of a sustainable business.  Lovely pieces from the past are offered at reasonable prices. They are ready to be used and enjoyed. Hooray for Antiques Dealers!  Go Green ! and red... Merry Christmas!

Thank you, customers. I am grateful for you. Blessings on the New Year. Happy 2019!
– Joyce

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