Antique and collectible toys make excellent holiday gifts

Antique and collectible toys make excellent holiday gifts for everyone. HH Antiques has a vast selection that will bring back any collector’s fond childhood memories!

Here are just a few of the several brand names and categories available right now:

  • Games & Play Sets: wind-up, tin and cast iron, dolls, vehicles

  • Toy Makers: Hasbro, Hubley, Ideal, Marx, Mattel

Tips on Collecting Toys

Toys in excellent condition command a good price because they’re hard to find. Most toys were played with, which means a little wear and tear is to be expected. An original box, with packaging and instructions, is a bonus and increases the value. Early 20th-century cast iron with original paint, tin toys with lithograph decoration, and pre-WWII trucks in good condition are great investments. Current trends in collecting toys include: robots, space toys, Transformers, and TV show–themed board games. The best tips when buying antique or collectible toys are to look for the best condition possible and to buy what you like!

Susan Snipes